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Small Bites, Appetizers,  & Flatbread Pizzas

Indulge in the flavorful fusion of Tex-Mex and American cuisine at Burnaco's. For a taste of Americana, tantalize your taste buds with our pulled pork and ground beef sliders, mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, loaded fries, potato skins, and wings. Our new wood fired grilled flatbread pizzas are sure to become your new favorite pizza! We recommend our

Honey Hot Pepperoni and Chicken Bacon Ranch. Yum!

flatbread pizzas.jpeg
flatbread pizzas.jpeg
Chef Preparing Pizza

Flatbread Pizzas

Our Flatbread Pizzas are baked to perfection on wood-fired grilled pizza crusts and topped with fresh ingredients like a blend of five Italian cheeses, fresh pepperoni, seasoned chicken, fresh basil, cilantro, red onions, and Italian seasonings. 

Choose from Honey Hot Pepperoni, Chicken Bacon Ranch, BBQ Chicken, Margherita, and Five Cheese.

French Fries

Appetizers & Small Bites

What speaks more to Americana fare than traditional Small Bites & Appetizers? Choose from pulled pork and beef sliders; and starters like mozzarella sticks with marinara, loaded seasoned fries, potato skins, fried pickles with our creamy chipotle ranch dressing, and wings seasoned and made to order.

potato skins.jpg
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